Brenda Salamone Make Up ArtistMakeup has been a lifelong passion for Brenda, and when the chance for a new chapter in her life presented, she picked up her brushes and followed her dreams.

Combining her love of glamour with her love of science fiction and fantasy, Brenda developed her skills in both beauty and character special effects in film and television makeup, enabling her to tell the stories as they reveal themselves to her.

Stationed in Los Angeles, Brenda is available throughout Southern California for film and television productions as well as private functions and theater.



  • I had the pleasure of working with Brenda on my short film, " Kay", and I have to say without a shadow of a doubt, she is hands down THE best make-up artist I've had the pleasure of working with on a set. She was able to do it all, from regular day-to day make-up, to making our lead look as if she had stage IV Cancer.

~Ciji Michelle Campbell, Director/Producer of "Kay"

  • "A truly talented artist and simply put, a pleasure to have on set. It was great working with Brenda on Saving Lincoln and I can highly recommend her to other filmmakers."

~Reuben Lim, Producer, "Saving Lincoln"

  • Brenda is a joy to work with and very professional. She is always prompt, comes to the set prepared and ready to work. She does great Make-Up and Hair for all skin tones and hair styles.

~David J. Freedman, Producer, "Just Seen It"

  • "Thanks BRENDA!! AND you are the BOMB makeup artist... I truly enjoyed working with you today.... I can't wait to work with you again..."

~Yolanda Ross, actor on "Kay"

  • When Filmmakers and clients are looking for a specific look and a specific idea of how they see characters or models its rare that makeup artists get what is needed for the project...its even rarer to get a makeup artist that can communicate the idea and add creative pizzazz to a dull idea. These people should be on the lookout for Brenda Salamone...not only was she able to communicate the filmmakers needs but she added so much detail and flare to it that it not only made me as an actor feel comfortable but also let the big guys know that she can bring her craft to the table. Want high quality makeup work...she is the go to girl.

~Macleish Day, actor on "Till Death Do Us Part"

  • "Brenda came to me highly recommended by a fellow makeup artist I trust thoroughly. So I was expecting professionalism and competence. What I got was that and so much more. A wonderful personality, a quick learner, willingness to "dive right in", complete reliability -- all in a beautifully wrapped package. I can't imagine doing my events without her!"

~Scott Ramp... Owner of The Scream Team




Photos from the early chapters of Brenda's makeup stories.

Brenda Salamone Make Up Artist