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Brenda Salamone

Beauty and Special FX Makeup Artist

Los Angeles   619-341-0774   

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Work Experience


• Makeup Artist
July 2013
Producer: Katherine Borda                  
Director: Lee Cipolla


• Makeup Artist
June 2013
Producer: Michelle Ciji Campbell                  
Director: Micheal Hernandez


• Makeup Artist
May 2013
Dependent’s Day                                        
Producer/Director: Michael David Lynch


• Makeup Artist
March/April 2013
Expressway to Your Skull                                                
Producer: Julian Daly                                            
Director: Michael Okum


• Makeup Artist
May/August 2012
To Hell with a Bullet                                                    
Producer/Director: Vick Wright


• Makeup Artist
January 2012
Producer/Director: Michelle Ciji Campbell


• Makeup Artist
September 2011
Till Death Do Us Part                                                             
Producer/Director: Julian Lara Zapata


• Asst Makeup Artist
August 2011
Saving Lincoln                                           
Producer: Reuben Lim    
Director: Salvador Litvak     
Key M/U: Michael Spatola


• Lab Tech
January/February 2013
Harlow Designs Silicone Prosthetics                        
Designer: Joel Harlow                     
Lab Director: Steve Buscaino


• Lab Tech
Dec 2011- Feb 2012
The Lone Ranger                                
Makeup Dept Head: Joel Harlow      
Lab Director: Steve Buscaino


• Lab Tech
Aug-Nov 2011
Various projects                                                   
MEL EFX, Inc.                 
Lab Director: Michael Spatola


• Makeup Artist
July 2013
Shoe Bite Saver                                                      
Producer/Director: Mark Solley


• Makeup Artist
November 2012
Keep Off the Grass – Doritos Crash the Superbowl Contest                                            
Producer: Victoria Rose Sampson                  
Director: Chantal Marie


• Makeup Artist
January 2012
Testimonials for Southern California Edison                                                      
Producer: Ted Robbins/Ian Royston/WildPlum                  
Director: Aion Velie


• Makeup Artist
March/April 2013
Awesome County, USA – Pilot                                        
Producer: Victoria Rose Sampson                  
Director: Chantal Marie


• Makeup Artist
February 2013
The Journeys – The Political Alignment (1 episode)                                          
Producer/Director: Fred Copeland


• Makeup Artist
Ongoing 2012/2013 (16 episodes)
Just Seen It                                                                       
Producer: David Freedman


• Makeup Artist
July 2013
Macleish Day - Actor                                                        
Producer: LA REELS
Director: Noah Edward


• Makeup Artist
June 2013
209 Promotional for Indiegogo campaign                                            
Producer/Director: Dawn Fields


• Makeup Artist
February 2012
Batgirl: Spoiled                                                        
Producer/Director: Paradox Pollack


• Makeup Artist
August 2012
Eli’s Run/Desert Cycle Run by Mitch Schecter                                        
Producer: Susan Stapczynski         
Director: Jim Orlik


• Makeup Artist
July 2012
Back to Me, by Pie                                                               
Producer/Director: Vanessa Newell


• Makeup Artist
October 2012
Jack Frost Photo shoot                            
Photographer: Ricky Middlesworth


• Makeup Artist
September 2012
Fitness Photo shoot                                                     
Photographer: Marcelle Grizzelle


• Makeup Artist
June and Nov 2011
Vintage Photo shoots                                              
Photographer: Craig Owens


• Makeup Artist
May and Aug 2011
Fashion Photo shoots                                       
Photographer: Deverill Weekes


• Makeup Artist
July 2011, 2012, 2013
Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball                                                     
Entertainment Production: Sypher Studios


• Makeup Artist for Martin Short
June 2012
A Night with Martin Short                                                               
College of the Canyons Performing Art Center, Santa Clarita, CA


• Makeup Artist
New Year’s Eve 2011, 2012
LACMA Golden Stag NYE Party
Sypher Studios


• Makeup Artist
October 2011, 2012
Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest                                    
Key M/U: Scott Ramp/The Scream Team


• Makeup Artist
October 2012
La Femme International Film Festival Opening Night Soireé                                  
Producer: Hair and Makeup Artists Network


• Make-Up Designory, Burbank, CA - Master Program – Film and Television Makeup
• City College, San Diego, CA - Stage Makeup; Costuming for the Stage
• School of Communication Arts, Raleigh, NC - 2D/3D Art and Animation Certificate
• University of Florida - Bachelor of Science; Advertising



References provided on request